Sunday, November 1, 2009

pronounced Mob-EEL not Mobile

It was a nice little 8 hr drive from Tampa, FL to Mobile.  We got in a good night’s rest the day before, so we were in good spirits when we left (as well as had a route 44 sized Lemon Berry Slush from Sonic).  We made it up in time for the Halloween festivities where we joined Tommy and his girlfriend Monica for some downtown fun.  Now initially, I thought it would be a grand idea if Toph dressed up as the Travelocity gnome and we’d take pictures of him along the way at certain landmarks.  He laughed...but didn’t take me seriously….little did he know that’s not how I roll!  We went to Walmart and bought red posterboard for his cone hat and 3 yards of blue fabric.  I quickly just fashioned a oversized t-shirt for him (cutting a hole in the middle of the fabric and some safety pins), stuffed a pillow under his shirt, and tied a belt on.  We bought a wig and beard and glued some cotton onto his eyebrows with some eyelash glue.  We were pleasantly surprised with the results from only 1 hr of tinkering in a parking garage...Voila!  The lifesized roaming gnome!  

Everyone wanted to take a picture with him, and Toph was a good sport despite his usual anti-social self.  He liked the anonymity of the outfit and the fact that he didn’t have to smile in the pictures.  Everyone thought he was David the Gnome, and if you are a born in the early to mid 80s child you will know of this show.  It was a cartoon that appeared on Nickelodean during my childhood that taught lessons in virtues.  It was such wonderful childhood memory for myself, and apparently for others (especially when inebriated).  Toph got a laugh from people who thought he was the Travelocity Gnome, but the emotional response illicited from those thinking he was David the Gnome was incredible.  They usually felt compelled to touch him (especially his big pillow belly) and exclaim with such heartfelt sincerity “Daaavid the Gnooomeee, I loooved that show”.  Naturally, my anti-"forced interaction" man’s response was a monotonous “I’m not David.” Shattering so many individual’s childhood memories (imagine if Santa Clause told you “F*** Off”).  Oh well.

The next morning, we had Panera Bread with Charlie Higgenbotham, one of my favorite football players from Alabama that now plays for South Alabama.  It was great catching up with him and seeing him in a better place in his life!  We had a great time hanging out with Tommy and his woman and hope to make a trip out to Mobile/Alabama sometime soon! 

Toph, Me, Monica, and Tommy
Gnome Kisses