Friday, February 18, 2011

It's that time of year......Baseball Season!!  So I'm sure you've all heard of Bakerella, the awesome lady who brings us her infamous cake pops.  Well I've been dying to make some Cake Pops (I have the book and everything), but didn't get the nerve up to do so until now.  I decided to make them for the start of our seasoner for our home opener. 

It actually came out pretty well!  I need to work on shaping my balls into rounder shapes!  I used Edible ink pens to make the seams and baseball logo (American Crafts I believe is the brand). I used chocolate cake maked with plain white frosting.  Now usually I don't like really swet things, but these were so good I ended up eating ALL my mistakes.  With relish!  I used Almond Bark for the coating. 

So for each of my guys, I made a cake pop with their name and number on the back and the South Alabama logo on the front.  I wrapped each in cellophane and a twist tie.

I'm excited to try making more, especially the cupcake pop and maybe an easter treat!  Happy opening season everyone!