Saturday, October 31, 2009

On the road again....

We’ve hit the road!  So we spent the week after our “Southern Trip” packing up the apartment he’s inhabited for the past 5 years.  He thought that he could pack everything up in his 2 bedroom (1 bedroom really) apartment in 2 days, I thought he was crazy…and was right.  I’m notorious for living in 5 different states in less than 18 months, so believe me; I know a thing or two about packing.  We ended up staying an extra 3 or 4 days because of how long it took us to pack up everything.  Granted, things took awhile longer than planned since he went about the right way in packing.  He saved everything (things like old shower curtain rods that I would have thrown away, or the 3rd set of bathmats that were outdated and slightly ragged) as well as took the time to label everything, wrap up everything and place them in appropriate boxes.  There were some moments of tension while moving, but I guess it comes in hand when two people deal with a stressful situation differently and going off of 4 hours of sleep a night!  I think it was a testimony to our relationship on how well we were able to communicate and talk through our disagreements. 

Toph had gotten a climate controlled storage space that was 10x10 feet.  He had measured his big furniture and estimated that we would only need a 7 ½ x10 feet space, but his mom encouraged us to get a 10x10.  Boy, is she a smart lady because is was quite the crowded place when we were through!  I guess I will be very grateful for all the hard work we put in to carefully keeping, storing, and labeling everything when we come back in a couple of years broke, but ready to own a home.

I think it was really surreal for Toph to see the apartment he’s called “home” for the past 5 years completely empty.  I know he’s determined to find his way back to Tampa within the next year, so I guess it’ll be a race to see who gets the better job by then ;).
Once we had everything packed away we finally began our journey, 3 days behind schedule, and on Halloween.  We plan on staying overnight in 4 cities; Mobile, AL, San Antonio, TX, and Carlsbad/White Sands, NM.

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