Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here's the birthday card I made for Topher's mother.  This has definitely been my most "ambitious" card for my lil ol' inexperienced self.  The card has some raw edges here and there, but I'm trying!  So here's my attempt at a "window" card.  Topher's mom's favorite color is a deep purple so here we go again on trying to expand my color palette.  

The purple frame is cut from the Stretch Your Imagination Cartridge.  

 The inside sentiment is cut from the Jasmine cartridge.  cake is from the Stretch your Imagination cartidge.  The two little people are cut from the Everyday Paper doll Cartridge.  The two people are to depict Topher in his baseball uniform (too bad they didn't have catchers gear!  And me as a future housewife (note the barefoot nature of my doll!  A girl can dream!!).  

As a little gift I sent her little snail magnets depicting the Rosenbaum clan!
Big brown snail is Mr. Rosenbaum, the purple snail is Mrs. R, and yellow snail is Topher,

the blue snail is his lil bro Dan, and the pink snail is his girly lil sister Jacquie!  

I loved making these little magnets and probably will make more in the future!

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