Friday, April 23, 2010

So we're off to Washington, PA!  We made a stop in Little Rock, AR to see the team that Topher would have played for this year with the Angels, their AA affiliate, the Arkansas Travs.  All of his friends and former teammates were there (including one of his best friends and essentially our roomie all of last season, Romine).  It was a little bittersweet, I know Topher didn't want to leave all his friends behind, especially Andrew, but it was great to spend one night there to catch a game and visit.

Topher wanted to make a thank you card for Romine to say thanks for letting us stay, and so he chose the design of the card (yea, go figure).  So he picked up the Create a Critter cartridge and chose the Horse and Peanut cuts and said he wanted the circus peanut to ride the horse.  His wish was my command.  I stickled the top hat to make it more jaunty and I used my terrible dollar bin stamp to stamp the sentiment (lesson of the day, paying a premium on stamps is alright, the quality is worth it!).

Once again the baseball ribbon and brads made an appearance.  Topher loved the card, so I'm assuming that it was a good choice hahah!

Here's a pic of the two roomies at Disneyland.  It probably will help to explain why this card is perfect for the two.

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