Monday, May 23, 2011


Get ready for the 3rd day of Riley sneak peeks!  Today, I used the Hula Hoop/Rings Riley.  When I was coloring him in (if you can only imagine how de-stressing it is for me to color a bunch of happy Riley mooses are after a long day outside) I thought about how the hoops looked like the Olympic Rings and decided to make a card for my friend who is an Olympic hopeful for games in London in 2012!  So here's my card as just a little bit of motivation to keep working hard and the eye on the prize.  Cuts were used using my Cricut and the Destinations cart, as well as Sure Cuts a Lot for the numbers.  Made a little gold medal and stickled it with some gold bling (drat for my elbow smearing it before it was completely dried).

Now I'm not one for dimensionals usually since it's not very mail-friendly, but I got a little frisky today and wanted to highlight Riley a bit more!

Remember everyone to stay tuned for the Riley release on Thursday night at 10PM EST hosted by Riley and Company!  I will be sitting on a bus headed to Monroe, LA tomorrow morning so these posts may be a little scattered on when I get them up!


  1. I had to chuckle. it's funny how brains work differently. I would have never thought of the hula hoops as olympic rings! very creative

  2. I love looking at these amazing creations. Every time I look I see another detail I missed before.