Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So it seems that everybody these days has a blog.  I used to keep one through late highschool and most of college, and it was always great to look back upon it and laugh and cry over all the memories and emotions I have felt and forgotten over the years.  I stopped sometime after I finished undergrad, and failed to continue with the trend.  So much has happened since and it disheartens me that I had stopped.  So this is my attempt to document all the crazy things that occur in my life as well as give my "commentary" and feelings.  Public diary?  To an extent ;)

Since my last post on my xanga blog approx. a year ago, I have been to 19 states and 7 countries, received a Master's degree, had my heart broken and broken hearts as well.  Have met people from all walks of life, changed my own path, have made lifelong friends, and have lost some along the way (R.I.P Nick Adenhart). I have cried with a friend, and laughed with an "enemy", lived on both coasts this year...TWICE, but have finally found a home (and it's a person not a place)

The goal of this blog is to chronicle the shenanigans that make up my life, as well as keep all my numerous friends spread out across the country up to date (a little more informational then a 150 word status update and pictures eh?).  Does anyone really care?  I'm not sure...but apparently my life is better than any season of "The Hills".  I'll probably also have "flashbacks" from the 2 missing years of my life just so I don't forget them as well, and hopefully people would enjoy to contribute to it as well (remember when....)  
I've lived a life I don't regret at all, and have experience multiple lifetimes of events (how does this stuff happen to you!?).  Thanks everyone for reading this....let's start the show...

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