Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tampa Shenanigans

So I've been in Tampa for almost a week and we've been having a lovely time.  Friday night we went to Howl-o-scream, which is a Halloween themed "fright night" that Busch Gardens hosts every year.  Toph and I went with his lil' sister and her friend, and I must say, it was a lot more fun then Knott's Scary Farm!  I had no idea that Busch Gardens was a mix of a "safari zoo" and six flags...they even had Clydesdale horses which are my favorite things at Sea World!  They had 7 houses to walk through and I must say, they did a phenomenal job of scaring us...granted, they had 3 girls to choose from!  We also went on all the roller coasters, and I forgot how exhilarating they are, I loved the adrenaline rush and realize that it's one more thing I was fearless about (like stage fright!).  It was a long night, we didn't get back until 2am, but it was such a fun experience and we can check off another theme park under our belts.  

Saturday we slept in and watched a ton of College Football...I wish Florida had gotten upset by Arkansas, but I did have to root for Riley Cooper, my little Cape Cod baseball player.  He looks so much more badass in a football uni.  Then we headed to Hooters (my former place of work) and watched the Alabama vs South Carolina game.  Needless to say, we won and were in control the whole game.  We went to a bar/bowling alley called Splitsville (was much more high end then it sounds) where we met up with several of his old teammates from Tampa.  It was fun and was really nice to be introduced to his friends.  

Today we went to Mass today (Toph is 1/2 Catholic and 1/2 does that happen??) and I must say, I really really really enjoyed it.  It may have just been because it was a new experience, but it was completely unlike what I had expected.  For some reason, I had expected it to be a very somber, long, and "traditional" ritual, but it was very much like any Christian service I have attended (whether it was Presbyterian, Evangelical, or Southern Baptist).  In fact, it was refreshing because the homily was more to the point and concise then Christian sermons.  Everything seemed much more light-hearted then I expected.  As Tommy understands, there was a lot more Jesus then I had expected! 

After Mass we drove an hour south to Bradenton where another of his former teammate now lives.  Apparently Topher hasn't seen Kurt and Kami in almost two years, and so he was excited to see them, and I was excited to meet them.  They had two adorable Pitbulls and Kami is expecting a mini-Bax in May!  She is a graphic designer and it was great to see her creativity translated into the design and color of their house.  They used a lot of vibrant colors, and while I am usually not a "loud" color person, I absolutely loved it!!  We played Cornhole (ohhhh what a traditional tail-gating game), and then headed off to Bonefish Grill for dinner (gee, I wonder who decided that and was craving Bang Bang shrimp?? ;) ).  It has been a relaxing weekend, and we're probably going to do what we usually do at night, which are surveys, watch sports, and Dexter or Top Chef.  Man we're such old people.  

In a couple days we're headed off to Atlanta and Alabama!   I can't wait to see everyone and show him around and meet my friends!

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