Saturday, October 10, 2009


It's 9 in the morning on Saturday, and we all know what that entails....College Gameday!  Today is Alabama vs Ole Miss, and I'm ready for the showdown at the Grove.  I miss college football in the South, watching the boys in their blazers and the girls in the cocktail dresses.  I miss singing Sweet Home Alabama and Dixieland Delight with 96,000 of my closest friends.  Now anybody who has known me for more than 4 years can vouch that I had absolutely no interest in Alabama football (let alone college football), and probably went to 4 games total the first 3 years of college.  Then I was assigned to work with them my senior year and was submersed into the world of SEC football.  As grueling as the hours and travel was, I was with my best friends and was a part of something that thousands of people would kill to experience.  I had the best seat in the house (sideline) in sold out stadiums that hold 100,000 people.  I worked with people on a daily basis that were considered Gods by sorority girls and old men alike.  I was privy to a culture that I never knew was so fervent and diehard.  However, I did have to sacrifice a lot of things for it, I never had a weekend off for a whole semester, I spent Christmas in Shreveport, AL (in the ER with an IV due to a stomach flu).  I graduated that following May appreciating what I had experienced, but assuming that I wouldn't care come next fall.  Boy was I wrong.  I sorely missed Alabama football for all it's worth, and I was stuck up at University of Virginia counting down the days til kickoff.  I realized I didn't appreciate what I had til it was gone.  However, I am grateful for the memories created, the people I met, and my nickname "Junebug" will forever be a reminder of two-a-days and gatorlites.


My roomie Tommy and his shenanigans on the busride home from Arkansas
Getting off the bus and making the legends walk, one of the most memorable things 

Just a regular Sat. game

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