Sunday, April 4, 2010

So after my best friend's girlfriend saw the cards I posted on facebook, she asked me to make her a card.  Ironic how in my previous post I stated how I wanted to make a card just because I wanted to without worrying about what other people think...she gave me a long lists of her likes and dislikes. 

Here are some of the stipulations she had

All kinds of pink, especially hot pink or fuschia
Girly flourishes (think anthropologie)
Alice in Wonderland

Now as previously mentions in a previous post, I'm not very girly when it comes to my color choices, especially when it comes to pink.  So this was quite the stretch for me!  Nonetheless I plodded on. 

The bird and the flourishes came from the Heritage cartridge and the paisleys came from (what else?) the Paisley cartridge!  I bling blinged it up a bit with the stickles.  I also added little toadstool magnets as a little birthday gift.  Hopefully she likes it!

Toadstools come from the Paisley Cartridge!  (What would I do without it?!)

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